Permaculture Plans for the property

PermacultureSeveral years ago a Design plan for Eagle’s Flight Farm was created by International permaculture teachers Charles & Julia Yelton.

The plan was designed so that the implementation of it would provide valuable hands on educational experience for people and the end result would significantly contribute to food security for the human and wildlife communities here.

The design includes an edible landscape with food forest, small grains and cultivated gardens that could provide produce all year with the use of high tunnels. Water catchment from the barns would nourish the orchard, with overflow going into an aquaculture pond. Several small off grid shelters, a woodland sauna and the “Community Café” using natural building materials from the land are envisioned.

Permaculture - Fruit TreesThe implementation of the plan has begun with the organic cultivated gardens and planting of some fruit trees.

The Yeltons are returning to Eagle’s Flight Farm this June and will be teaching permaculture workshops which will include the building of a wood fired oven. Specific dates and workshop details will be announced soon.

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Permaculture Preservation

We are in the concept stage of moving toward creating a Permaculture Preservation.

The Preservation will help to complete the planting of the Food Forest and edible landscape and will ensure that the ecosystems and habitats are protected for inheriting generations who will steward the land.

Community Supported Permaculture

PermacultureBased on the idea of CSA’s (community supported agriculture) we are planning to offer shares to build the “Community Café”, “Cob Cottage”, “Little Cabin” and “woodland Sauna”.

After we have a detailed estimate and plan for each project, we will offer shares in varying amounts in exchange for a “time share” in the structure that was built or meals at the café.

The shares will also include access to organic produce from the gardens, a discount on future workshops and the soulful satisfaction one gets from being part of a vibrant community.

There will also be opportunities for those with particular skills needed to have “work trade” shares.