What is Permaculture

PermaculturePermaculture is a word that has been redefined as applications for this innovative design system grows and people all over the planet use it to create more resilient, healthy and productive environments, communities, businesses and homes.

Here are several definitions we resonate with from "Elders" in the Permaculture movement

Graham Bell, The Permaculture Way

"Permaculture is a way of life which shows us how to make the most of our resources by minimizing waste and maximizing potential. Living ecologically doesn’t mean giving everything up, but relearning the value of nature & understanding new ways of being wealthy…"

PermacultureDan Hemenway

"Permaculture (Permanent Culture) is the conscious design and co-creative evolution of agriculturally productive ecosystems and cooperative and economically just social systems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of ‘natural’ systems

Permaculture integrates people into Nature’s design. A permaculture design provides us with shelter, food, water, income, community and aesthetic and spiritual fulfillment within a balanced and healthy biological community."

Pat Marie Sigler

"Permaculture urges complete cooperation between each & every thing, animate & inanimate. It advises people to live simply & in harmony with each other & with their surroundings."

And Anonymous,

"Permaculture is a world-wide movement of designers, teachers, & grassroots activists working to restore damaged ecosystems & human communities.

Permaculture derives practical techniques & principles from the study of natural systems & applies them to earth repair & care."

Three core Ethics of Permaculture

Care for the Earth, Care for People and Fair Share